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Team Associates
Drs. Saiful Adi, MPd.
Food & Beverage Production Expert, Senior lecturer at Bandung Hotel and Tourism for Higher Education, has been operationally involved serving the food & beverage industry in Holand, Geneve, Switzerland, Austria, Montreaux and Perth. Obtained Master Degree from Indonesian University of Education and graduated from Bandung National Hotel & Tourism Institute.

H. Andre Hernowo, SE,M.Si,Ak
Financial Expert, graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, At present works as Head of Research & Community Service at Bandung Hotel & Tourism for Higher Education. Had attended several financial and hotel management course in La-Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and IMI Luceme, Switzerland. Had a comprehensive understanding on financial aspect related to theoretical and practical Hotel and Hospitality services.

Drs. Denny Sugiri
Hotel Expert, former senior professor at The Bandung National Hotel and Tourism Institute, has a longstanding contribution for hotel industry on both theoretical and practical hotel management and operation, including human resource training and development.  Has been directly involved and dedicated for more than 35 years in the hospitality industry. Graduated from National Hotel Academy, Bandung  and Ecole Hotelier Lausanne, Switzerland.

Donny Yudono, Bc.PHN,S.Sos,MM
Food & Beverage Production Expert, Director at Akpar NHI, previous positions as Managing Director and General Manager in various international hotels, Assistant du professeur de Cuisine - Glion Suisse. Obtain Master Degree on Agriculture Business

Greg. D. Adji Wibowo
Hotel Entrepreneur Specialist, Present post as Director at 99ERS Hotels & Coffee, and Pro Transport Consortium. Has engage in the setting up of new companies, and has longstanding practical services in the hospitality services.  Graduated from Bandung National Hotel and Tourism Institute. Studied at Prasetya Business School  Management majoring Finance and also holds Financial Planner from Airlangga University and Financial Management from Fordham Catholic University New York.

Rikana Sofiar
Food & Beverage Service Expert, graduated from the Institute for Hotel Education, Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Bandung. obtained certificate from Hilton Course Class, Anaheim- California, USA and International Correspondence School, Montreal, Quebec, Canada In Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Deden Rahmat Kurniadi, SE
Accounting Expert, graduated from Universitas Pasundan Bandung, responsible for setting up account system and procedure, includes implementation of accounting software GL V-5, Accurate Accounting System and MYOB.
Tonny Purnomo Hersugiharto, Dipl.Hot
Hotel Operation and Building Management Expert, has longstanding practical experience in hotel operation for hospitality industry, hold several managerial office position and post as general manager position for various stars hotels. Obtained Management Certificate from Cornell University, Ittaca, New York and graduated from Bandung National Hotel and Tourism Institute in 1980.

Rully Dermawan
Hotel Marketing and Rooms Management Expert, has a strong engagement in the field of hotel marketing and rooms management for the hospitality services. Previously hold the position of general manager in various resort properties and hotels. Has a longstanding service in the field of practical consulting services. Graduated from Bandung National Hotel and Tourism Institute

Andhika Pramijaya
Information Technology Expert, Specializing in art and annimation, formerly work at Red Rocket Annimation, has been pratically involved in the development of several  Hotel Information System software and data base design. Graduated from Politeknik ITB - Bandung

Janni Waksman, Drs.
Graphic Designer/Visual Communication Designer, Director of JWD Graphic Design Studio, Specializing in design for Corporate Identity; Company Profile; Magazine; Signage and printed materials has a longstanding contribution to hotel industry and various related field of business services, Graduated from ITB (Bandung Technology Institute)

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